Friday, August 13, 2010

I moved

Admittedly, I moved quite a while ago, but just thought to come back here and let the 3 people know who used to follow me!:)

My new blog is over at:

Hope you come on over and check it out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here are what people are searching for when they accidentally come across my site.....

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Because I'm Bored

So today is the Friday of winter break week, and it has, as per usual, been VERY quiet here. This week we only had to work 3 days, as we had Monday off for President's day (a week late) and a snow day on Wednesday, due to a very unfortunate 2 foot snow storm. That day was bliss though! All three of us were home, and even though we spent most of our time snow blowing, shoveling, and standing on ladders holding very long pieces of wood trying to knock snow off the tree in our front yard so the branches wouldn't break and cut our power lines (how's that for a run-on sentence?) it was awesome! I got to spend the day with my sweetie, and the little man and I had a snowball fight. He then proceeded to tackle me and make me go face down in the snow, and then he buried me. He may be 15, but he still loves to play! And even though he outweighs me by about 30 lbs, and is taller than me by about 7 inches, he still roughhouses like he is little. He doesn't know his own strength!

He has recently started lifting weights with a few guys from school, and he is loving it! I don't know if it's because he is being raised by two women, but he isn't shy about admiring the other guy's abs, muscles, etc. He talks about it a lot actually. He will go on and on about it for hours! Either he is gay, or all boys admire each other and he doesn't know that men don't talk about things like that openly. (he only talks like that to us) We're pretty sure he likes girls, but maybe he is more open to the idea....who knows? Either way, he knows it obviously makes no difference to us. Whenever we talk about when he grows up, I always say when your wife, or husband, does such and such....:)

He is really a great kid. I couldn't ask for a better step-son. He is very open and vocal about his feelings, (most of the time), and will really talk to us. My wife sure did a great job raising him before I came along, but I think together we have really taught him that even though we are his parents, he can talk to us. And I love it when he comes to me for advice, or to talk about something he's not comfortable bringing up to mom yet. Sex is a tricky subject to broach with him, as he gets embarrassed when the subject comes up. But when he has asked a question we have always responded openly. I almost feel like a father figure to him in a way, even though I am very far from manly or butch. I do know more about electronics and fixing things than his mom does, so I guess I just fell into that role. But obviously we don't follow any of the "traditional" roles!

I love my little family, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Maybe one day we will even add to it;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The wedding and other musings

Okay, so you can see by my little ticker up there, our wedding is just about 3 months away. 3 months!! We have lots to do, but on one hand, we have a lot done already. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life on May 15th! We have the hall, the DJ, the catering and the ceremony all planned out. We have already sent out the invites and have gotten 27 back - all accepts! It's such a fun, although exhausting process. The first time around for our Civil Union, we just had a small ceremony at home. Now we get to have a real party and I could not be happier. The only problem is that if we talk about the wedding too much right before bed, we don't sleep. So we are trying to limit it. Our son is getting fitted for his suit next week, and I am sure he will be very handsome in it. Can't wait!

In other news, the payroll department emailed me last week and told me NOT to file my taxes yet, as my W-2's were wrong. Apparently they have been charging me too much tax since my Civil Union. I had already filed, and therefore had to do an amended return, but I found out that this is all in my favor! They sent a letter stating that everyone who has been effected by this error will be sent a check by March 1st! So yay for unexpected money! I hope it is a small fortune!:) LOL! I'm sure it won't be too much, but $1,500-$2,000 would be nice!

So all in all things are really looking good for 2010. Let's hope it continues that way!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Of Books and Things

I come to this point this time every year. I have a book that I have written over the past 10 years. It was mostly done about 5 years ago, and I have added and tweaked a few things over the last few years. The point is, I think it's done, and has been for a little while.

Every winter and into the spring, I get this feeling like I need to revisit it and possibly publish it. It's hard to get started on the process because, well, I'm not really sure where to start. I want an agent, but I'm not sure who to try and get. The book is a coming of age story about a young lesbian, as I'm sure you could have guessed, but the problem is, I am afraid of it being marketed as a romance novel. There is lots and lots of romance in it. Almost all of the lesbian kind. But it is also a story that I think a lot of young lesbians could relate to and fall in love with the character. I love my book very much and really want other people to read it and love it too. But I don't want it to be tucked away as trashy romance. That's not the point of it at all.

I've sent it to one of the professors here to read and critique, but chickened out and retracted the email. He knows about part of it because when I was a senior in college (here) I wrote a play that got produced on the main stage. It was about an experience I had with my best friend when I was 17, with some extra stuff that never happened thrown in for good measure...I mean, who would want to go to a play where the lead actors (both women) almost hook up one night, but then chicken out? Exactly, no one. So I added some sex. I have always had a knack for telling stories with sex in them. When I was a junior in high school we had to write short stories for one of my English classes. At the end of the assignment, we passed our stories around to the rest of the class to read and critique. Mine had sex in it, and it was the only one that did. All of my peers gave me an A+, but the teacher thought it was too racy and gave me a B. I don't know where this "gift" came from, but all of my stories throughout the years have had some racy scene or another.

The problem is, I am not someone you would look at, or even know pretty well, and know this side of me. I am someone who is pretty square in some ways. I never did drugs. I never drank when I was younger, and still really don't drink at all. In fact I can count on one hand the number of times I have been really drunk! I think the reason for this may have come from watching 2 older brothers and an older sister make mistakes, but it could also be my anxiety disorder and the fear of being out of control. The point is that I am not who people would think would write a romanc-y type book.

I work in academia, which means that there are a lot of people here who I would be embarrassed to have them read it. But one of my bosses brings up the fact that I am writing a book at a lot of functions. My direct bosses' husband is a pretty famous author (I won't say his name here), and was involved in a book that was very recently at the top of the N*Y* Time*s Best*seller List, and could be a very valuable resource for me, but I'm a chicken. They are not the type of people who read romance, or even fiction novels. They are the straight-laced non-fiction reading type. What am I so afraid of? I wrote the book for young lesbians, so they can see they're not alone. But I am scared that if I do publish it, my colleagues will read it, and then what?

I see from my map that people have been visiting here, but I am sure no one will comment on this. Would you read a book like this? I wish I could just make up my mind and go for it! What if I am sitting on a best seller???

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Year in Review

2009 mostly sucked. There. I said it. Well, really it sucked from the summer on. First it was the chipmunk infestation (see my earlier post about that), then we had another problem. One day I was sitting in my living room watching TV, and I kept hearing this clicking noise. I told the wife about it and she started hearing it too. For several days we heard this noise and tried to stop it by moving the clock, changing the lightbulb (although not sure how that would have helped), and various other things. None of this worked of course, and we just suffered on with the incessant clicking. Sometimes it would stop for a while, and then it would start up again. One day, as I backed into our driveway, my wife said "Oh no!" and I knew we were in trouble. While I was backing in, she could see the corner of the house where the living room and the kitchen meet (actually, the living room juts out further then the kitchen by about 5 feet or so) and she saw GASP! Bees! Going into a tiny hole in the space where the lower roof meets the house! I know what you are thinking, Gee your house is holey! (*See the Chipmunk story previously mentioned*) But actually, none of the holes we filled in were that big, and the house is over 100 years old! Give me a break!:) But really, our house is in great condition, and we love it a lot.

So anyway, back to the Bees. We realized then that the clicking noise we heard was actually their stingers hitting the side of the house as they went in the hole and rounded the corner into where they built their nest! In my living room wall! So we unpacked the groceries and went, reluctantly, into our living room. The wife carefully placed her ear against the wall and let me just tell you, have you ever watched a horror film where you hear the sound of thousands of swarming bees? Well that is what was in our wall. And when I listened to it, I got the heebee jeebees (no pun intended) and couldn't sleep all night. It was awful! And scary! And absolutely disgusting! But, being the strong willed women that we are, we got a bunch of bee spray and suited up. Oh yes, I mean we got on long pants, hoodies, goggles and gloves in the middle of summer, when it was oh, about 9 bazillon degrees out. I wanted to take a moment here to say that these were Yellow Jackets, not Honey Bees. There's a huge difference. First of all, honey bees will not only build their nest in your wall, but your wall will most definately start oozing honey out of it. Which may sound fun, but from what I hear, replacing a wall in your house is totally not fun at all. So thank goodness that we only had yellow jackets. And I say this only because of the honey part, not because they are nicer or placid. No, if you so much as LOOK at a yellow jacket sideways, it will come after you to sting you. And don't you dare mess with its nest! So there we were, all bundled up with our ladder out, and our neighbor came out and took a picture. Great. We never did see it, but I can only imagine. I should try and get a copy from him to post here. You would get a great laugh out of it!

Back to the story. For several days we tried all different sprays. We researched and found out that you should spray them after sundown, since most would be in there at that time. We tried foam sprays and regular sprays and we nearly went out of our minds. You see, where they built it, it was nearly impossible to get to from the outside with a spray, but oh did we try! When that didn't seem to work, we called an exterminator. This lovely chap informed me they could take care of our problem for a whopping $200-$350. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of cash just coming out of my ass. So I told him I would call him back when I thought it over. It took me all of 2 seconds to "think it over" and I decided there must be a better (i.e. cheaper) way. Then I got a brilliant idea! We would poke two small holes in the wall on the inside of the house, one above where we could hear the nest, and one below, and each of us would spray a can of foam insulation into the holes and effectively insulate the wall and crush all the bees. Can I just tell you what a genius I am? This idea worked so perfectly, I almost didn't believe it myself! For several days after I would go over to the wall and put my ear up to it, and nothing! Not a sound! Oh, I was so happy! Of course, now we know we have a mixture of insulation and dead bees in this one section of the wall, but there is no way anyone could tell unless we said something. And if the exterminators had come, we would just have the dead bees and no insulation, and be out $350.00, so we came out ahead I think. We also filled in the hole they were going in with the insulation, cut off the excess, painted it, and Voila! Everything was back to normal. The holes are undetectable, the house looks untouched, and we no longer have a disgusting swarm of bees in the wall. The whole process took us about 2-3 weeks from hearing them to figuring out what to do. And the final solution took all of 10 minutes! ugggggghhhhh!

So that was just one story about "How 2009 Almost Totally Sucked". Other topics I will cover in future posts:

  • My wife's mysterious illness(es) and subsequent testing/curiousness
  • Our son getting the Swine Flu
  • Me getting all sorts of various viruses/illnesses
  • My ankle/achilles tendon issues and subsequent testing/curiousness
  • Our son and then my wife getting the stomach flu:( YUCK!
May 2010 be more healthy and less verminy for all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wow! 2 posts in one week!

I know, it's amazing! I can't believe it myself. I just had to jump on and write this quick little story.

Last week we had a snowstorm that lasted 3 days and it gave us 9" of snow, which isn't a lot for us, but still. Today it is very cold and the windchill has got to be around zero. I tell you this because I had to run to the post office earlier, which is about a block away, so I walked. I was freezing to say the least and was walking very fast to get back. I came up behind what I am assuming is one of our students back from break early. Not only did he not have a heavy coat on, but get this, he was wearing FLIP FLOPS! (Thongs for some of you in other regions). As in no socks, bare feet, with just a slight piece of rubber between him and the snowy, wet ground! What is wrong with people these days???

Now, I'm not trying to be sexist here, but it didn't surprise me that this person was male. My wife and I sometimes stumble upon those outrageous videos shows, and I have to say, watching those makes me glad that I am 1) a lesbian, and 2) a woman...although I guess those two things go hand in hand:) Have you ever noticed how many of those videos show some male or group of males doing the dumbest things and then getting hurt? About 95% of them! Now, I am not a man-hating lesbian. I have several men in my life that I know and love. But there must be something in their brain that tells them to do stupid stuff like, I dunno, jump off a cliff and break their leg, or skateboard down a railing and nail their nuts, or WEAR FLIP FLOPS IN WINTER IN THE NORTHEAST!

Okay, End Rant:)